Sydney Equine Practice offer a range of services for the sport horse breeder. We have a small breeding facility in the Southern Highlands where you can agist your mare up until her 45 day pregnancy scan. Alternatively we are happy to visit your mare at home (adequate handling facilities are required to allow ultrasound examinations to be carried out effectively). We can offer insemination using fresh, chilled or frozen semen.


An initial ultrasound examination is required to check the reproductive health of your mare, and to determine which stage your mare is at in her oestrous cycle. At this point you can choose your stallion (A large range of stallions have chilled  semen available throughout Australia) and contact the semen agent to arrange payment for the semen. This prevents any delays when we go to order the semen shipment. Once your mare is in season and within 24-48 hours of ovulation, the chilled semen is ordered by us and delivered to your home or our office depending on logistics and where the mare is. The semen may arrive the same day it's ordered or during the following morning. Once we have inseminated your mare, we carry out follow up ultrasound examinations to ensure ovulation and to check for presence of unwanted uterine fluid and treatment of such. A pregnancy check is carried out 14 days after ovulation, with follow up pregnancy scans at 28 and 45 days. 


The processes involved for fresh semen is similar to chilled semen. Fresh semen collected from a stallion lasts up to ten minutes if raw or 1-2 hours at room temperature if an extender is added. The main benefit of using fresh, raw semen is that it causes less fluid build up in mares that are prone to developing PMIE (post-mating induced endometritis). The disadvantage is that the stallion needs to be collected at the same facility as the mare is bred. If you choose a stallion that stands in the southern highlands, fresh semen insemination is an option.


Setting up the mare for insemination with frozen semen is similar to the processes used for chilled semen, although once an ovulation induction agent is administered the mare needs to be monitored more frequently. The mare is bred with frozen semen as close as possible to the time of ovulation as the average lifespan of frozen semen once thawed is only 6 hours compared to 48-72 hours for chilled or fresh semen. It is recommended that the mare spends approximately 2-3 nights at our breeding facility to help achieve maximum pregnancy rates.