Sydney Equine Practice provides a full prepurchase examination service at the horses stable where we can assess the horse in its own environment to help you to make an informed choice as to the suitability of your next horse. Sydney Equine Practice regularly performs prepurchase examinations which meet export criteria for countries such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and Singapore Racing Club (MRA).  Our prepurchase examinations are tailored to individual clients requirements with the intention being to accurately evaluate the health of the horse, identify existing and potential problems and interpret these findings in the context of the animals intended use. A thorough clinical examination followed by a gait analysis is the basis of the prepurchase exam. Additional tests may then be recommended or requested such as a blood profile, an upper airway endoscopic examination, digital radiographs and ultrasonography. We provide a full verbal and written report advising any findings and limitations with professional opinions. Please contact the office for full costings.

It is important that clients are aware that the purpose of the prepurchase examination is not to determine the overall suitability of the animal as this is buyers responsibility. The decision to buy the horse should take into account the results of the prepurchase examination, the financial investment required and the suitability of the horse to perform the intended job.