Sydney Equine Practice provides a full prepurchase examination service at the horses stable where we can assess the horse in its own environment to help you to make an informed choice as to the suitability of your next horse. Sydney Equine Practice regularly performs prepurchase examinations which meet export criteria for countries such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and Singapore Racing Club (MRA).  Our prepurchase examinations are tailored to individual clients requirements with the intention being to accurately evaluate the health of the horse, identify existing and potential problems and interpret these findings in the context of the animals intended use. A thorough clinical examination followed by a gait analysis is the basis of the prepurchase exam. Additional tests may then be recommended or requested such as a blood profile, an upper airway endoscopic examination, digital radiographs and ultrasonography. We provide a full verbal and written report advising any findings and limitations with professional opinions. Please contact the office for full costing details

It is important that clients are aware that the purpose of the prepurchase examination is not to determine the overall suitability of the animal as this is buyers responsibility. The decision to buy the horse should take into account the results of the prepurchase examination, the financial investment required and the suitability of the horse to perform the intended job. 


Sydney Equine Practice is equipped with the latest direct digital x-ray equipment in order to obtain a full set of high quality radiographs as per current sales criteria. These radiographs will then be submitted to the sales repository (Inglis, Magic Millions) on the clients behalf along with a report of any radiographic findings. These radiographs are then available via the sales dedicated websites for other registered veterinarians to view over the internet or on site.

Survey radiographs are also offered well ahead of the sales to assess your weanling/yearling ahead of time so as appropriate management can be instituted. Talk to our equine veterinarians today about your foal, weanling or yearling so as an appropriate management strategy can be implemented.

Need to insure your investment? Our qualified and registered Veterinarians can examine your horse and provide you with a Certificate of Examination for Mortality Insurance Purposes which you then forward on to your chosen insurance company.

We provide a full pre-purchase service which includes a complete clinical examination, endoscopic examination, digital radiographs and ultrasound. We provide a full written report advising any findings with professional opinions. Please contact the office for full costing details for this service.


Working together with Inglis, Sydneyt Equine are committed to servicing clients at all Inglis Sales at Oaklands Junction, Victoria. Our vets are available on site to treat horses and also service clients with professional opinions and viewing X-Rays. Our clinic is contracted to Inglis to perform all endoscopy services when a horse has been sold through the auction ring. We provide coloured certificate photographs from the video endoscope for the purchaser of the horse.


All thoroughbreds need to be micro-chipped and registered with the Australian Stud Book before they are able to get onto the racetrack. Please contact the Australian Stud Book to obtain the relevant forms and then contact us to complete the procedure for you.


Lameness examinations are conducted on your property where our veterinarians can provide professional services in the horse's own environment. The Veterinarian can then design a treatment plan and provide further diagnostic tests should they be required.