Whether your horse requires a course of antibiotics, fluid therapy or intra-articular medications Sydney Equine Practice is fully equipped from your first consultation to provide care to your horse at their stable door. 

Joint disease/osteoarthritis is characterized by inflammation within the joint that leads to the production of large quantities of inflammatory enzymes that cause further damage. Often the process of joint disease is characterized by inflammation of the joint capsule followed by progressive destruction of the articular cartilage. These pro-inflammatory enzymes actually delay the body's own natural healing response.


PlateletRich Plasma (PRP) is a new treatment providing positive results in research and practical outcomes in both human and equine applications.  Platelets are best known for their role in initiating blood clotting however they have also been found to be a rich source in promoting healing.  PRP has many growth factors with varying actions. Some of these growth factors accelerate tissue and wound healing and they promote healing via a regenerative process rather than a reparative process (scar tissue).



Shock wave therapy (also referred to as ESWT - extracorporeal shock wave therapy) is a treatment available for numerous conditions including tendon injuries, sesamoiditis, non-union fractures, proximal suspensory desmitis in both the forelimb and hind limb, suspensory branch attachments, back pain including kissing spines and muscle damage, distal hock joint pain and curbs, muscle attachments to bone including avulsions of muscles connected to the pelvis and distal limb ligament damage.